三恩原創翻譯 /Original Translation by Us


29th Dalian International Marathon


Theme and Slogans



Event Theme:

相約大連   激情奔跑

Meet in Dalian, Passionately run



1暢跑大連馬拉松  共賞濱城好美景(公益廣告)

1 Enjoy running Dalian marathon, Appreciate the vision in the coastal city (PSAs)

2活力馬拉松  浪漫大連情        (公益廣告)

2 Run the Marathon with vigor, Meet in Dalian with romantic love (PSAs)

3四海朋友匯聚濱城  五洲跑友共創佳績(主席臺對面)

3 Gather running friends all over the world, Create success in the coastal city (opposite the podium)

4碧海藍天風光無限  暢跑大連盡顯風采(主席臺對面)

4 Beautiful scenery against sea and sky, Attractive runners in Dalian (opposite the podium)

5海相通  路相連  浪漫大連歡迎您!(迎賓大板)

5 Seas or roads are closely interlinked, Romantic Dalian welcomes you (welcome board)

6大連馬拉松  體育的舞臺  城市的盛會  市民的節日

6 Dalian Marathon is a sports arena, City pageant is a public holiday

7感受濱城魅力  跑出人生精彩

7 Feel the charm of the coastal city, Build a wonderful life by running

8馬拉松賽演繹精彩  浪漫大連暢想未來

8 Take down wonderful moments in the Marathon, Look to the future in romantic Dalian

9暢跑大連馬拉松  感受濱城新魅力

9 Enjoy running Dalian Marathon, Feel the new charm of the coastal city

10碧海藍天暢享新大馬 浪漫時尚與大連共舞

10 Run the new Dalian Marathon against sea and sky, Follow Dalian with romance and fashion

11堅韌奮進  永不止步  詮釋馬拉松精神

11 Advance tenaciously and keep moving, Interpret the spirit of Marathon

12綠色環保  健康快樂  風光無限  一路同行

12 Keep you healthy and happy in the environmentally-friendly race, Always go with you in the beautiful city

13相聚大連  共創佳績  牽手世界  領跑未來

13 Meet in Dalian to create success, Make progress together with the world to lead the future

14加強國際文化體育交流與合作  滿足人民群眾體育文化需求

14 Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in culture and sports, Meet the people’s needs for sports culture

16跑步開創全民健身時代  體育促進社會和諧發展

16 Pioneer the era of worldwide fitness by running, Promote social harmony and development by sports

17展現大連城市活力  感受全民體育魅力

17 Show the vitality of Dalian city, Feel the charm of worldwide sports

18穿越歷史 跑過美景 全新大馬 嶄新感覺

18 Run in the mists of history and beauty, Give a new feeling of Dalian Marathon

19全民健身手牽手  激情大馬心連心

19 Enjoy worldwide fitness hand in hand, Passionately run Dalian Marathon heart to heart

20樂享跑步每一天  健康生活一輩子

20 Have fun in running every day, Live a healthy life for a lifetime

21相聚濱城馬拉松  共享快樂每分鐘

21 Meet in the coastal city for Marathon, Share every happy moment each other

22相聚美麗大連  展示健康風采

22 Meet in beautiful Dalian, Show healthy charisma

23全新路線精彩無限  北方明珠璀璨輝煌

23 The new route is brilliant, The North Pearl is dazzling


24 Persistence in every step you run allows you to get closer to the finish

25終點不是重點  跑步在于堅持到底

25 The finish is beside the point, The key to running lies in going the distance

26全民健身有你有我  跑步人生你樂我樂

26 Attend worldwide fitness together, Enjoy running life each other

27逐鹿新大馬  約跑在濱城

27 Run Dalian Marathon, Meet in the coastal city

28暢跑濱城大連  展現健身風采

28 Enjoy running in Dalian, Show the charm of fitness

29我們創造的奇跡  不僅僅是完賽  而是永不止步

29 Perform a miracle of never stopping, More than finishing the race

30生活就像一場馬拉松  并不只是一場短暫的沖刺

30 Just like the Marathon, Life is not just a short sprint

31不要停下你的腳步  下一站就是勝利的終點

31 Do not stop your footsteps, Next stop is the finish of the victory

32跑過藍天大海  看我濱城最美

32 Run across the sea and the sky, Appreciate the beauty of the coastal city

33堅持跑步每一天  今朝圓夢在大連

33 Insist on running every day, achieve your dream in Dalian now

34相約濱城馬拉松  轉角遇到愛跑的你

34 Meet in Dalian for Marathon, Pick up an acquaintance with you

35二十九載五洲四海情  二零一六共創新輝煌

35 29 years of love among people around the world, Have a brilliant career ahead in 2016

36展現跑步文化  感受體育魅力

36 Show the culture of running, Experience the charm of sports

37一海一世界  一步一精彩

37 See a world in a sea, See a wonder in a running

38暢跑新線路  成就新大馬

38 Run the new route, Accomplish the new Dalian Marathon

39用我們堅定的步伐   丈量全新的大馬

39 Run with the firm steps, Measure the new Dalian Marathon

40釋放“大”能量  “連”接新征程

40 Release the ‘great’ energy, Take ‘on’ a new journey

41穿越大連濱城廣場  譜寫馬拉松最新樂章

41 Run across the squares in Dalian, Compose the latest movements of Marathon

42人生就是一場馬拉松  拼到最后才是真英雄

42 Life is a Marathon, The one who fights to the bitter end is a true hero

43相約五月  領跑大連  逐鹿大馬  躍動濱城

43 Meet as the top runner of Dalian in May, rev up for Dalian Marathon in the coastal city


44 Start off with confidence, Stay for you by time, Take you for a fly by feet.


45 You’re not alone while running, You’ve harvested the scenery along the way

46跑步點亮生活  激情燃燒夢想

46 Running lights up your life, Passion burns up your dream

47跑過千山萬水  最愛濱城大馬

47 Run thousands of miles, Only love Dalian Marathon

48用腳步去丈量大馬  用堅持來感悟人生

48 Measure Dalian Marathon with steps, Experience life with persistence

49從大馬出發  跑向馬拉松大滿貫

49 Start run with Dalian Marathon, Win a Grand Slam in the Marathon

50奔跑為健康加油  大馬為生命喝彩

50 Running refuels your health, Dalian Marathon cheers your life

51你我約會大馬  與最美濱城同醉

51 Date in Dalian Marathon, Become intoxicated by Dalian

52海鷗為你吶喊  海浪為你鼓掌  蔚藍大連歡迎你

52 Seagull cheers for you, Surf applauds for you, Azure Dalian welcomes you

53嶄新大連馬拉松  遇見不一樣的你

53 Run the new Dalian Marathon, Meet the unique guy

54相聚大連馬拉松  共享快樂每分鐘

54 Meet in Dalian Marathon, Share every happy moment

55跑進綠色的濱城  跑出最美的自己

55 Run in the green coastal city, Help you look your best

56即使是迷你的夢想  也要你勇敢的堅持

56 A mini dream cannot come true, Without courageous insistence

57用最平凡的腳步  跨越42.195的傳奇

57 Run with the most normal steps, Stride across the legend of 42.195

58北方明珠邀你跑   你來參與更成功

58 The North Pearl invites you, Running makes you more successful

59今年你是半程選手  明年你就是全程英雄

59 You’re just a Half Marathon runner this year, You'll be a Full Marathon hero next year

60不要停下堅持的腳步  馬拉松創造健康人生

60 Do not stop the pace of persistence, Create a healthy life with Marathon


61 Be invited by the sea air in Spring, Run across the most beautiful Dalian

62奔跑大連  詮釋友誼  發現美麗

62 Run in Dalian, Interpret friendship, Discover beauty

63用堅持創造奇跡  用雙腳譜寫樂章

63 Perform miracles with persistence, Compose movements with feet

64穿越城市的距離  傳承綠色的精神

64 Run across the city, Inherit the spirit of green

65為摯愛而跑  為快樂而跑  為健康而跑

65 Run for love, Run for joy, Run for health

66只要你不停下來  跑步或人生都沒有失敗

66 As long as you do not stop, Running or life will not fail

67樂動青春  魅力大連  愛你愛馬  愛在路上

67 Restless youth, Charming Dalian, Love you and Marathon, Run on the way of love

68挑戰自我  超越極限  堅忍不拔  永不放棄

68 Challenge yourself, Go beyond yourself, Persevere in tenacious efforts, Never say die

69堅持不一定成功  但放棄一定失敗

69 Not all the persistent efforts will result in success, Giving up must result in failure

70堅持就是勝利  馬拉松沒有失敗者

70 Perseverance prevails, There are no losers in the Marathon


71 Run at the junction of Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, Experience the unique coastal city in May


72 Temporary pain, Eternal glory


73 Keep smiling, For you’ve spent money in running

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